Finns have world leading competences in creating winning wearables for a fitter future. Cultivate your wearable intelligence in a country that has led the wearable revolution since its first heartbeat.


Globally unique track record

Finland has deep roots in wearable technology. Touting industry trailblazers like Polar and Suunto, the constantly expanding wearable ecosystem has tens of specialized companies designing and producing wearable devices.

Finland’s highly educated workforce and interest in all things brainy makes it ideal for companies looking for a new R&D site for their wearables. In Finland, developers benefit from top-notch technology providers and contract manufacturers, and cutting edge research supports the development and commercialization of wearable technologies. Finnish brain power, resources and commitment to excellence move a kernel of an idea from inception to world markets. 

The measuring of champions


A focus on research in heart rate measurements in Finland has produced innovations that are now used by leading global consumer brands. Firstbeat’s heart rate measurement technology today powers wearable devices made by Samsung and Garmin that track the achievements of professional sports teams, Olympic athletes and active people around the world.  


Finnish sports and wellness-focused companies such as Polar and Suunto have taken wearables to the next level with built-in GPS capabilities. Most Finnish sports wearables offer online data storage and data sharing solutions, including Polarpersonalcoach.com, Sportstracker (recently acquired by Suunto) and Motivade.

Active eHealth startups have given rise to new innovations in Finland. Navigil offers white-label location services that help elderly people to stay at home longer. Spektikor has developed a small disposable ECG-detector for emergency responders and the military.

Finland boasts great companies that apply sensor technologies to the clothing industry. Myontec analyses muscle activity with its sports clothes. Recently, USA based Jabil Circuits bought Clothing+, a developer and manufacturer of comfortable, wearable sensor solutions.


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