Why to choose Finland as an investment opportunity'
Steady but innovative business environment
Business Environment

If you are looking for a business location in the European Union, why not consider the most competitive country in Europe?


The Finnish operating environment is stable and predictable. Finland is a member in European Union. Finland is the only Nordic country with Euro and has a low corporate tax rate, only 20 %. Therefore, many foreign companies have established operations in Finland for the long-term and enjoy high return on investment. With access to top high tech talent and a Silicon Valley inspired business culture, Finland is an R&D hotspot and a testing ground for companies looking for business transformation.

Finland has strong credit rankings:

- Fitch, February 2017: AA+

- Moody’s, January 2017: Aa1, with a stable outlook

- Standard & Poor, March 2017: AA+

International companies are warmly welcomed to Finland. They can access the same benefits and grants of as Finnish companies. Finns themselves are highly internationally oriented. English is the common second language of the business community. Over 90% of Finns under thirty speak English.  Finland’s long history of trade in Northern Europe, combined with its historical and cultural ties to neighboring countries, offers valuable insights and knowledge into the region.

Everything works in Finland. Companies can benefit from the vibrant startup scene, highly educated employees and a unique ecosystem that fosters R&D. Finland forms an ideal test bed for new solutions and technologies.

Innovation driven and economically successful Finland has already brought to the world the SMS, the Wearable Hearth Rate Monitor, the Linux operative system, Clash of Clans, and Angry Birds. Finland is the biggest contributor to global innovation in the world. Knowledge transfer between business and universities has been one of the key factors in Finland’s track record of innovation and economic success.

World Economic Forum’s The Europe 2020 Competitiveness Index places Finland as the most competitive country in Europe. According to a 2016 study by European Commission, Finland astounds as the most attractive EU country for FDI. Finland earns praise for its highly skilled work force, ranking first in knowledge and innovation capacity. In the study Finland is highlighted as one of the EU countries which has improved the most its cost competitiveness. This is a result of an increase in the relative wage competitiveness combined with reductions in corporate tax rates. It ranks highest in this factor in Scandinavia and significantly higher than Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland.


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