Smart Grid

Finland’s Smart Grid 2.0 offers a unique R&D ecosystem that combines experienced ICT talent, a liberal energy market and a strong energy cluster


R&D platform for customer and industrial innovation


The major driver for development in Finland has been improving the service reliability of the national electricity system. This has led to a high level of energy distribution automation.

Finland has been a forerunner in implementing smart meters and AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) systems. This has led many wins, such as improved energy use information for customers, improved load profiling, real-time billing, remote control and monitoring, as well as improved efficiency for practical meter reading. The Finnish ecosystem really forms an ideal testbed for service providers.

A need will also arise for new customer energy data applications when the volume of small-scale generation, customer-level energy storages, electric vehicles, and controllable loads increases among customers. A demand response operator, which in practice means the same as aggregator, can act as a service provider for energy markets, balance/reserve services as well as for individual customers.


Smart Grid 2.0 already in use

Finland was, for example, one of the first countries to adopt remote meters that register electricity consumption data on an hourly basis. Industry leaders, such as ABB, Wärtsilä, and Vacon, have their roots in the long tradition and competence of the Finnish energy sector. The Finnish electricity market has been open and interconnected with the Nordic market since the 90s. In many aspects the Finnish market is transparent and offers a flexible platform for different operators.

Finnish network operators have highly advanced operational processes. Asset management is on a very high level. The government uses national regulation to steer the interests of operators and resulting investment plans.

Energy meter and device suppliers can benefit from the Finnish ICT talent to transform into intelligent systems and networks suppliers





Software and IoT companies can find partnering opportunities in the Finnish ecosystem to create Smart Grid 2.0 solutions for bigger markets





Smart Grid
Energy Storage Smart Grid Wind Power Latest business opportunities
Investment opportunities in windpower
Wind power

Business opportunities in Finland • The current construction boom and rapidly growing volume of installed capacity are opening business opportunities for qualified wind power service providers in Finland.


Booming market for wind power construction

In 2015, a new record volume was reached in wind power construction in Finland. The total installed capacity exceeded 1000 MVA, while almost 400 MVA of new capacity was built. The new record shall be broken in 2016 as well – currently 22 projects totaling 700 MVA are under construction. The same volume of projects is under preparation for construction.
The Finnish business environment nurtures the wind power boom. Finland has one of the most stable grids in the world with continuous investments to strengthen the grid capacity. There’s no currency risk for Euro-investors as Finland is the only Nordic country with Euro.

Furthermore, the reliable political and legislative environment guarantees an accountable haven for wind power investments. An attractive feed-in tariff (FIT) of 83,5 €/MWh has been in force in Finland since March 2011. The confirmation of the tariff kicked off the rapid market growth. The targeted 2500 MVA capacity was nearly full in the end of year 2015.

50 % renewables by 2030


Finland's 38 % EU renewables target of final energy consumption by 2020 was reached already in 2015. By 2030, the share of emission-free renewable energy shall be increased to 50 %. Wind power is expected to have a role in meeting this ambitious national target. This opens up new, additional project development and investment opportunities.
The planning for the New National Climate & Energy Strategy is underway and is due to be completed by end of 2016. Wind power will be included in the future renewables portfolio. Potential support models for renewables have been evaluated and the new incentive system is expected to be in force during Q1/2018


O as Opportunity: On-shore and off-shore


Wind conditions are the best in Finland in the Sea of Åland and the Gulf of Bothnia and Gulf of Finland. There are also a plenty of good wind conditions in coastal areas and inland, when the hub-height is 100-150 meters or more. In certain areas located 20-40 km from the shore, conditions equal to the coastline. Even during the winter months the wind conditions are strong.

The current project pipeline under various stages of development consists of over 9000 MVA on-shore and over 1500 MVA off-shore projects. The vast majority of the developed projects are in the EIA, planning or permitting phase. There are close to 200 companies and other organizations actively operating in the Finnish wind power market. So far the largest investors have been such domestic companies as Tuuliwatti, Taaleritehdas and EPV Group.

The share of international investors is increasing. Companies such as Allianz, E-group, Impax Asset Mgmt, KGAL, Susi Partners, WPD and Yard Energy have made their first investments in Finland. Also other international developers, turbine suppliers, and service providers have already entered the market including OX2, K2 Management, WSP Neue Energien, CPC Germania, Gamesa, Nordex and Vestas.



Smart Grid
Energy Storage Smart Grid Wind Power Latest business opportunities
Energy Storage

Finland has the key raw materials and high-quality chemicals required for battery production and offers an excellent location for battery component and cell manufacturing.

Mineral-rich Finland is ready to supercharge battery production in Europe


The EU Battery Alliance is calling for 10-20 giga battery factories to be established in Europe in response to the fast-growing demand for batteries in the electric vehicle market and other sectors. Finland offers a prime location for battery component and cell manufacturing thanks its unique combination of natural resources, world-class expertise and attractive business environment.


Reliable source of critical raw materials


Finland is already a significant producer of battery minerals and chemicals, and the only country with cobalt mining in Western Europe. Finnish company Freeport Cobalt is the only producer outside China supplying the cobalt chemicals used in lithium-ion batteries.


Finnish companies Terraframe, Keliber and Nornickel are currently expanding the production of nickel, cobalt and lithium. Mineral and chemical production in Finland is conducted in accordance with robust environmental regulations and stringent sustainability principles.


Expertise across the battery production value chain

Finnish companies offer competitive concepts and know-how across the whole battery production value chain, with world-class expertise in chemistry, processing, engineering and energy. As one of the most innovative countries in the world, Finland is also great place for testing and piloting the new generation of electric and electrified vehicles and machines that will be running on battery power.


Consistently ranked among the best business environments in the world, Finland is known for its highly educated workforce, reliable infrastructure and for taking a leading role globally in areas like the digital transformation, sustainability and bioeconomy.


More reasons to set up battery manufacturing in Finland

•    As a member of European Union and the eurozone, Finland offers an excellent gateway to the European markets, with excellent sea and railway logistics.

•    Companies operating in Finland enjoy a stable and predictable business environment along with one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe (20%).

•    Finland has world-renowned expertise in process technologies, along with the engineering talent needed in highly automated and efficient industrial operations. Finland’s world-class education system and engineering talent has already attracted many leading global companies across different sectors to set up operations in Finland.

•    Most of Finland’s electricity production is CO2 free, and with 99,9997% transmission reliability in 2017, Finland has one of the most reliable power grids in the world. Thanks to its cool northern climate, long coastline and thousands of lakes, Finland also has an abundance of the cooling power that is often required in industrial processes.

•    Finland is the happiest, most stable and best-governed country in the world, according to a recent United Nations study. Finland is also among the least corrupt and the most socially progressive countries, having the world’s most trusted police force and the soundest banks.


From minerals to battery cells and packs



Battery production consists of four key phases. The first phase focuses on mining the key minerals, such as cobalt, lithium, nickel and graphite, along with refining these minerals into the relevant chemical compounds. In the second phase, these battery chemical compounds are manufactured into battery component materials, such as anode and cathode materials. The third phase focuses on combining the anode and cathode materials with electrolytes, separators and other necessary components to build battery cells. Finally, in the fourth phase the individual battery cells are assembled into battery packs and equipped with the necessary battery management technologies.


Smart Grid
Energy Storage Smart Grid Wind Power Latest business opportunities
Cleantech is solutions to environmental and energy-efficiency problems. Invest in future

Finland is the world’s greenest country (EPI 2016). The expertise in environmental issues is reflected in the Finnish cleantech innovations and world class companies.

Global champion in renewable energy

Finns have the ability of turning extreme conditions into commercial success cases. Already today the Finnish cleantech industry is one of the cornerstones of the Finnish economy. Finnish companies are global leaders in energy efficiency, clean industrial processes and bioenergy.

Today 38 % of the Finnish energy is produced from renewable sources - globally, the share is only 13 %. Finland is determined to maintain its role as a forerunner. The national target for renewables is 50 % by 2030. With this ambitious goal, there is room for international companies specializing in renewable energy production and distribution as well as products and services.



Marketplace with green opportunities

Wind power is expected to have a role in meeting the ambitious national renewable target. This opens up new project development and investment opportunities. The current construction boom and rapidly growing volume of installed capacity are opening business opportunities for qualified wind power service providers in Finland.

In the energy distribution, new business can be generated from energy data optimization. With Smart Grid 2.0 already in use, Finland offers an ideal testbed for the next generation energy applications.


Smart Grid
Energy Storage Smart Grid Wind Power Latest business opportunities