Invest in Eastern Finland project

The Business opportunities in Eastern Finland have begun to attract unprecedented interest from foreign investors in the last couple of years. Interest has been aroused especially by the region's expertise in the bioeconomy, technology and life science fields.

Invest in Eastern Finland is a EU –funded project being implemented jointly by three provinces (Northern Savonia, Northern Karelia and Southern Savonia) and their key cities and led and coordinated by Invest in Finland.  The focus is in attracting industrial investments, strategic partnerships and venture capital money to the region. Additionally, developing the know-how on foreign direct investments among the local SMEs and Team Finland members and promoting the region's strengths. The purpose is also to find new ways of collaboration between Invest in Finland and  the regional development agencies and implement the best practices to the rest of the country.


The degree to which companies in East ern Finland are ready to meet international investors is being raised within the project's own training programme.   

Key results include the Binderholz’ investment in the two sawmills in Lieksa and Nurmes, the largest investment of this century in the region, Mölnycke’s M 60 € re-investment in Mikkeli and venture capital investment of Shell Ventures to Rocsole.

Invest in Eastern Finland project
Invest in Eastern Finland project Invest in Southeast Finland project