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Finland offers an exceptional communications technology ecosystem for global companies, with outstanding connectivity expertise, mastery of new technologies and top-notch cyber security skills and R&D capabilities. The first SMS and wearable heart-rate monitor were created in Finland. A pioneer in mobile phone technology, Finland is now ready to lead the world with 5G.


Here are some statistics that may be of interest to your business. Finland has by far the highest mobile data usage per person in the world and the second-highest mobile broadband penetration rate. We rank first in Europe for R&D expenditure as a percentage of GDP. The amount of venture capital raised by Finnish startups and growth companies, in relation to GDP, is the highest in Europe. And the average cost of a 20-member R&D unit is 50% lower in Finland than in Silicon Valley.


A dynamic innovation environment, with well-established collaboration between public authorities, universities, research institutes and companies. A cost-efficient workforce of highly educated and talented people. These are some key reasons why a growing number of international companies are locating their R&D activities in Finland. For example, Rolls-Royce designs and tests its remote and autonomous ship technology on the west coast of Finland. Huawei has opened two R&D units in Finland since 2008, currently employing over 300 engineers.


Discover how Finnish communications technology expertise can help to drive your company’s success. Read Industry outline: ICT, Unique innovation hub for digital game changers (pdf).




The 5G Test Network Finland (5GTNF) is the most advanced in the world, bringing together leading global connectivity companies and operators. It covers the entire telecommunications value chain from research, development and manufacturing to network operators, service providers and public authorities. Over 40 partner organisations are involved, including the “big three” — Nokia, Ericsson and Huawei.


Finland is a leading innovation hub for international companies working on ultra-reliable and low latency mobile services. We are also shaping the future of mobility with Aurora, the first Arctic testing ecosystem in the world, which focuses on Automated Driving, Digital Transport Infrastructure, Intelligent Infrastructure Asset Management and Mobility-as-a-Service.


Your company can also join this developing ecosystem and benefit from Finland’s ideal environment for developing and testing new 5G applications. See examples fo ICT opportunities map below, just click the bar.




Finland has earned a formidable reputation in the cyber security field, with core expertise in encryption, data privacy, threat prevention and identity management solutions. Did you know that some of the strongest encryption protocols like SSH were invented in Finland?


The Finnish cyber security sector comprises close to one hundred companies, from global players to innovative startups. Explore how Finnish solutions can help to secure your business activities:



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