Smart Grid

Finland’s Smart Grid 2.0 offers a unique R&D ecosystem that combines experienced ICT talent, a liberal energy market and a strong energy cluster


R&D platform for customer and industrial innovation


The major driver for development in Finland has been improving the service reliability of the national electricity system. This has led to a high level of energy distribution automation.

Finland has been a forerunner in implementing smart meters and AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) systems. This has led many wins, such as improved energy use information for customers, improved load profiling, real-time billing, remote control and monitoring, as well as improved efficiency for practical meter reading. The Finnish ecosystem really forms an ideal testbed for service providers.

A need will also arise for new customer energy data applications when the volume of small-scale generation, customer-level energy storages, electric vehicles, and controllable loads increases among customers. A demand response operator, which in practice means the same as aggregator, can act as a service provider for energy markets, balance/reserve services as well as for individual customers.


Smart Grid 2.0 already in use

Finland was, for example, one of the first countries to adopt remote meters that register electricity consumption data on an hourly basis. Industry leaders, such as ABB, Wärtsilä, and Vacon, have their roots in the long tradition and competence of the Finnish energy sector. The Finnish electricity market has been open and interconnected with the Nordic market since the 90s. In many aspects the Finnish market is transparent and offers a flexible platform for different operators.

Finnish network operators have highly advanced operational processes. Asset management is on a very high level. The government uses national regulation to steer the interests of operators and resulting investment plans.

Energy meter and device suppliers can benefit from the Finnish ICT talent to transform into intelligent systems and networks suppliers





Software and IoT companies can find partnering opportunities in the Finnish ecosystem to create Smart Grid 2.0 solutions for bigger markets





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