Cleantech is solutions to environmental and energy-efficiency problems. Invest in future

Finland is the world’s greenest country (EPI 2016). The expertise in environmental issues is reflected in the Finnish cleantech innovations and world class companies.

Global champion in renewable energy

Finns have the ability of turning extreme conditions into commercial success cases. Already today the Finnish cleantech industry is one of the cornerstones of the Finnish economy. Finnish companies are global leaders in energy efficiency, clean industrial processes and bioenergy.

Today 38 % of the Finnish energy is produced from renewable sources - globally, the share is only 13 %. Finland is determined to maintain its role as a forerunner. The national target for renewables is 50 % by 2030. With this ambitious goal, there is room for international companies specializing in renewable energy production and distribution as well as products and services.



Marketplace with green opportunities

Wind power is expected to have a role in meeting the ambitious national renewable target. This opens up new project development and investment opportunities. The current construction boom and rapidly growing volume of installed capacity are opening business opportunities for qualified wind power service providers in Finland.

In the energy distribution, new business can be generated from energy data optimization. With Smart Grid 2.0 already in use, Finland offers an ideal testbed for the next generation energy applications.


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