Wooden shopping centre planned in Finland

Rautalampi municipality is looking for funders and partners for the 1000 square metre shopping centre project.

Rautalampi municipality in Eastern Finland is planning to use wood for the construction of a new shopping centre that is aimed to be ecological, cost-efficient and convertible for different uses. The 1000 square metre shopping centre would focus on locally produced goods such as local food and organic food.

Rautalammi is a popular holiday destination and its population can increase three-fold during the summer months. The idea for the new shopping centre came from the need to cater for Rautalammi’s temporary residents. The municipality is currently looking for funders and partners for the project. Construction may begin already in 2013.

Wood construction opportunities in Finland

Wood has a major market opportunity as a construction material in Finland. New fire regulations that came into force in spring 2011 have improved the status of wood in the construction industry and are creating possibilities for the use of wood products in new and renovation construction.

Wood construction promotes the implementation of the EU’s climate objectives because wood structures tie carbon, unlike competing materials whose use releases carbon dioxide. Buildings account for more than 40% of the EU’s energy consumption.

Wood is one of Finland’s most important raw materials. Finland’s annual forest growth exceeds the amount of wood used in the country.

Sources: Sisä-Savo, YLE