Wired magazine names Helsinki as one of Europe’s startup hubs

Influential magazine identifies ten startups that are creating the greatest buzz in Helsinki.

The November issue of Wired magazine has named Helsinki as one of Europe’s hottest technology startup hubs. These are the ten companies that are causing the greatest buzz according to the local commentators, investors and entrepreneurs surveyed by Wired magazine: Holvi, Jolla, Kippt, Grand Cru, Supercell, ProtoGeo, Scarlet Motors, Walkbase, Zen Robotics and Indoor Atlas.

The list highlights Finland’s dynamic startup culture that benefits from world-class expertise in areas such as mobile technology, software engineering and innovative app design. Many startups have been established by or include experienced former Nokia employees, such as Jolla which has created the mobile OS Sailfish and launched a new phone this year.

Finland’s thriving game cluster also features strongly on the Wired list. The success of Rovio, the creator of the global hit game Angry Birds, inspired many new startups in the game cluster and some of these companies are already making their mark. For example, Supercell was founded three years ago and has released just two games, but is already bringing in USD 2.4 million daily. Grand Cru has raised USD 2 million for its debut game, called The Supernauts.

Source: Wired