Blog / 19.07.2017

Why Finland can solve resourcing bottlenecks

Rosa Thurman Director of Investment Programs AmCham

“We’ve got the resources. There’s never been a better time to recruit Finland’s young talent.”


I recently heard this statement from Stefan Heinrichs, C.E.O. of Academic Work, and it took me by surprise. Stefan continued to say that since he joined the company in 2008, Academic Work has employed over 100 000 people globally and almost 10 000 in Finland. Academic Work is an expert on the Finnish labor force, especially in terms of young, educated professionals.

The IMD World Competitiveness Center has published a study containing some impressive information that supports Heinrichs’ claim.


After Norway, Finland has the highest number of readily available skilled workers out of the countries surveyed. This means that if a company needs skilled employees to take their business forward, they won’t have to spend a lot of energy searching for know-how.


As more and more people receive degrees of higher education, Finland continues to do exceedingly well in international measures of learning performance and ranks fifth in the world in English language proficiency.

Furthermore, compared to Finland’s neighbors, the cost of labor is not actually that high. The average annual salary of young professionals in Finland comes in at ninth place in Europe, at about the same level as Sweden and far less than Denmark and Norway.


Finland has everything employers are looking for: an abundance of highly educated, experienced and capable young talent. More than half of Finnish students work during their studies, which means they develop work experience and skills that put them at an advantage when entering the workforce fulltime.

Finland’s position as a business environment and as a pool of talent is unique. Time to reflect. Peace of mind. Silence. In a noisy and hectic world, these things make Finland positively different.

With the combination of high quality talent available, costs and quality of life, it is easy to argue that Finland is the best place in the Nordics to invest in young talent and grow business.


Rosa Thurman

Rosa Thurman is the Director of Investment Programs at Amcham Finland and brings fresh insight into Finland’s strengths as an attractive investment destination. Representing 30 percent of exports, 20 percent of the GDP and 15 percent of private-sector jobs, foreign investors are key players in kick-starting the Finnish economy.