Utilization of Waste Heat - an approach to achieve a 100% renewable energy seems to be a topic of the day

Every data center should try to recycle waste heat - Yandex shows how to meet the momentum to both save and sell excess heat to community in DataCenterDynamics London event.

The datacenter building that is shaped like an airplane wing’s in Mäntsälä, Finland is a cooling machine itself: architecture helps cooling – by creating underpressure behind the building and thus moving the air inside building. So it makes sense that Yandex plant’s cooling principle is direct air-cooling, and heat transfer losses minimal, which also creates improved efficiency in operating phase.

Finnish panelist, Mr. Ari Kurvi, Data Center Manager for Yandex in Mäntsälä is also pointing out that measuring just PUE you do not tell the whole truth. Energy consumption in DCs end up 80-85% as waste energy, and it is not a question of how green is the energy in the first place, but how to be environmental friendly and doing better business by selling the excess heat or re-using it to reduce community’s Co2 emissions by vast amounts.


Be green – sell excess heat to district heating network

As Mr Kurvi pointed, in Yandex Mäntsälä plant the architecture helps cooling by underpressure accelerating the air movement inside the DC building. Heat transfer losses has to be minimized to improve efficiency in operating phase to encourage new innovations.