Two new shopping centres open in Finland

Finnish shopping centres offer an increasingly diverse range of activities and services in addition to the retail trade, according to Realprojekti Oy.

Finnish real estate development company Realprojekti Oy, part of the Ovenia Group, is opening two new shopping centres in Finland this autumn. Veturi shopping in centre is near the city of Kouvola in south-eastern Finland, while Willa shopping centre is located in Hyvinkää, southern Finland, about 50km from Helsinki.

Veturi opened its doors to the public on 13 September and is the largest shopping centre in its region. Veturi has stores from 80 companies, including many international chains like Carling’s, Cubus, Ecco, Esprit, H&M, Jack Jones, KappAhl, Specsavers, The Body Shop, Ur&Pen and Zizzi. The 48,000 square metre premises will also feature three cinemas equipped with the latest technology.

Willa is launching the second phase of the new shopping centre on 18 October, which expands its offering by 60 more stores to more than 100 in total. International companies opening stores in Willa in October include New Yorker, Bijou Brigitte, Change Lingerie, H&G, Stadium, Clas Ohlson, La Sirena, Marc O’Polo, and many others.

Changing role of shopping centres

The retail world is changing rapidly in Finland, Shopping centres are becoming hybrid buildings that house many kinds of private and public activities, ranging from accommodation to services and offices, in addition to the product retail trade. The growth of e-commerce and the importance of the virtual world in the lives of consumers are also creating new challenges for shopping centres.

According to Realprojekti, this means that the management of shopping centres plays an increasingly important role and requires diverse expertise. Realprojekti manages several shopping centres in Finland, including the Jumbo and Sello shopping centres in the Helsinki metropolitan area. This makes it possible for Realprojekti to compare shopping centres in terms of their brand, location, store selection, marketing and maintenance.

Source: Realprojekti Oy