Case study

The Chinese Haosion appreciates Finland’s business environment

Finland´s innovative business environment and political stability are lucrative factors for Haosion, a Chinese manufacturer of arts and crafts that is looking at entering the Russian and Baltic markets.

Haosion Arts & Craft Co. started its operations this autumn in Finland. In addition to business environment, the Chinese company appreciates Finland´s geographical closeness to Russia and the Baltic countries.

The company produces plush toys, bags, hiking equipment, rubber boats and other special boats. Its products are manufactured in China, but the company also has business units in Portugal and Estonia. Haosion’s turnover in 2010 was USD 28 million and it currently has 560 employees in total.


Haosion Arts & Craft Co. has been exporting for ten years with its products being sold in the USA, Spain, Germany as well as other European countries. Now Haosion has landed in Finland to sell its products not only here, but in neighbouring countries too. Haosion has an office and showroom in Lahti. The office has both Finnish sales staff plus a few Chinese employees, who coordinate operations.


"We established an office in Finland because the business environment is good here: Finland is located next door to Russia and near the Baltic countries and it has excellent logistics and good infrastructure," says Mr. Cunling Bao, General Manager, Qingdao Haosion Arts & Craft.
"Finland also has a stable political environment and all the regulations and laws work well - not to mention all the lakes you have, so there is plenty of potential to sell our boats here as well."

Last but not least, tough competition in China forces companies to go abroad to boost product development, and according to Mr. Bao, Haosion would like to take advantage of the innovative environment in Finland to improve its production process and quality. Finland is well known for its high technology and innovations in China.


Even though Haosion manufactures all its products in China, the design process will be based in Finland to meet customer requirements here and in other European countries.


Tailor-made services


Haosion did not choose Finland by accident. Mr. Bao himself visited many European countries and happened to meet a representative of Invest In Finland during his tour, who suggested he take a closer look at the country and its commercial features and their advantages.


"We are grateful for Invest in Finland’s tailored services, such as providing us market information, helping us build networks and giving us useful advice during the whole process.”


The company´s next step is to set up its own warehouses and logistics chain in Finland. Besides that, Haosion is seeking business partners in order to provide consulting services to Finnish companies trying to enter the Chinese market.