Telrock Develops Mobile Engagement Platform for Customer Service in Finland

Telrock Technologies, Ltd., an international software development company focusing on mobile-centric customer service, will open offices in Helsinki and Oulu. The operations in Finland will focus on developing Telrock’s new API-enabled, cloud-based Mobile Engagement Platform. The company will employ approximately 50 people in Finland.

Telrock provides an enterprise grade software solution that delivers automated self-serve customer service applications, on mobile and connected devices. Some of the world’s largest utilities and financial institutions, instead of employing call centre agents as previously, now use Telrock’s solution to automate and hand over control of various services to their connected consumers. This boosts customer engagement, loyalty and propensity to spend, while delivering significant cost reductions.

The new platform is designed for industry-leading speed of integration, and to interface with any customer-facing backend system. The proprietary smart-engine, powered by advanced natural language processing (ANLP), machine learning and voice and facial recognition enable a wider range of automated customer services across the life cycle.

“Our mission is to transform the way brands do customer service,” says Roy Gunter, Executive Chairman at Telrock. “We believe that smart connected devices will be at the heart of everything brands do with their customers, and we see Finland, with its unparalleled expertise in mobile and smart connected devices, playing a pivotal R&D role in delivering the technologies that will make this happen.”

In addition to creating job opportunities with Telrock Oy in Finland, Telrock wants to work with local start-ups wishing to connect and commercialise their mobile customer engagement technology to the global marketplace.

“With Finland being the home of Telrock’s Mobile Engagement Platform, we also want to create a Mobile Customer Service Innovation Ecosystem in Finland,” Gunter continues. Telrock’s new platform is designed with an Open API/SDK structure allowing any start-ups that meet the company’s criteria to simply plug in their product, making it instantly available to all Telrock partners and customers worldwide.

The Telrock platform provides access to over 2 billion consumers, 10K enterprises and 300 mobile operators via Telrock’s distribution and sales partners, which include TSYS, Experian, Fico and Comverse.

Through the Ecosystem, continued innovation and investment in the market, Gunter believes that Finland has the opportunity to dominate the fast emerging customer service on mobile and smart connected devices sector, which according to Forrester Research is projected to be a $34b market by 2018.

Telrock also plans to continue and accelerate the development of advanced technologies including ANLP, machine learning and big data in Finland.

Telrock’s decision to start operations in Finland was actively supported by KAATO, a network of ICT business executives assisting international companies to set up in Finland.

“The support from KAATO has exceeded all our expectations. We’ve been utterly impressed with the speed, attitude and the talent pool that KAATO has been able to connect us to. That is why we are here, and that is what will help us be successful in the future,” says Gunter.

“KAATO accelerated the process for us, and together with the rest of the Team Finland invest in players (Helsinki Business Hub, Invest in Finland and Otaniemi Marketing) they provided all the skillset to help us navigate the set-up in Finland,” Gunter concludes.

“Telrock is yet another proof that the strengths of KAATO – profound technology business understanding combined with the personal trusted relationships of the KAATO community members – are a unique, valuable asset when attracting foreign direct investment into Finland,” says Kimmo Ojuva, Partner at KAATO.

Source: Helsinki Business Hub