Case study

Talking People finds Salo an excellent location for expansion

High-quality workforce, working infrastructure and inexpensive premises were the pull-factors for the Swedish telecommunication company Talking People for launching its new Finnish unit in Salo in February 2013.

The easy investment process in Salo was a positive surprise for Talking People, which offers customer service and sales and marketing services. The company made an investment of EUR 50 000 for its second Finnish unit in the ex-Nokia based locality Salo, creating around one hundred new jobs for the city.


Talking People is an international contact centre and its customers include television operators and companies from the consumer goods and health product sectors. It also has a 24-hours help desk unit and offers technical support. “In Helsinki we already had a well-functioning concept in use which was easy to copy to the new unit,” says Claus Lindström, Country Manager at Talking People Finland.


Technical customer service as a Finnish strength


Talking People trains its personnel for the needs of its systems, so finding a workforce whose know-how could be easily transposed to the new methods was crucial when choosing the new locality. Almost 30 per cent of the personnel in the Salo unit are ex-Nokia employees who have experience, for example, in shift work.

“For us, the most important factor when recruiting new staff is the right attitude and good work motivation. We value the experience of life, so the average age of the Salo unit is over 40 years.”


Customer service based on technological knowledge is world-class in Finland according to Lindström. Although the employment costs are lower for example in Sweden, Finland compensates for this with the efficiency of labour. Salo’s pull-factors include cheaper costs of premises compared to the greater Helsinki area, as well as good connections.


Outsourced services with win-win drive


Talking People’s offering is right up-to-date since many companies are now outsourcing their services. The company specialises in integrated service based on an in-depth understanding of the customer’s situation. A pilot project is agreed at the start of every business relationship in order to clarify the benefits of the co-operation to both sides.

“The aim is to provide a true win-win situation, explains Claus Lindström.


The core of its business concept is customer service based on sales and this means that personnel play a leading role in the company’s success.


“We take good care of our personnel and we know their profiles very well.”


Talking people is very satisfied with the assistance it obtained from the communal Invest in Salo organization during and after the investment process. The aim of hiring a hundred new employees has already been achieved and Talking People also has job vacancies in Helsinki. There are even tentative plans to operate telesales to Baltic countries from Finland in the future.


“Operating costs, such as telephone calls, have largely leveled out between Finland and Estonia, so the business situation looks very profitable for us,” affirms Claus Lindström.


Talking People

  • Swedish telesales and customer service company, started in Sweden in 2004. Head office in Stockholm, subsidiaries also in Finland and Poland. Intends to set up units in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Great Britain.
  • Started in Finland in 2010 as Talking People Finland Ltd, has 120 employees in Helsinki and 100 in Salo.
  • Provides customer service, sales and marketing services, customer satisfaction surveys and appointment services.
  • Has got the highest AAA rating from credit rating company Soliditet.