Taaleritehdas to build network of biogas plants in Finland

New plants will use household biowaste, wastewater slurry, industrial byproducts and agricultural waste as raw material.

“Our investors have a great deal of interest in renewable energy and alternative forms of investment. We have been studying the sector for a few years and it is clear that it is lacking in plant capacity and capital,” says Tero Luoma, Investment manager at Taaleritehdas. The new biogas plants will get their raw material from household biowaste and slurry from water treatment plants, as well as from industrial byproducts and agricultural waste.


The average waste processing capacity of the plants will be 60,000 tons but a few may have a capacity of 120,000 tons. The raw material will be transported from a radius of 150-200km. The objective is for the biogas to be utilized at a nearby industrial plant or it can also be used to produce electricity, heat or fuel. The plants will also provide a biowaste solution for Finnish municipalities.


“At the moment the raw materials are being transported from a radius of 300km. This shows that Finland does not have an adequate network of biogas plants,” says Luoma. Increasing the production of biogas is also part of Finland’s renewable energy goals. By the year 2020 Finland should be producing 38% of energy from renewable sources. Finnish biogas technology is also being used in plants around the world.


Sources: Tekniikka & Talous, Taaleritehdas