Taaleritehdas to build first biogas plant in Kuopio, eastern Finland

Kuopio region has clear demand for organic waste processing services, according to Taaleritehdas.

Biotehdas, part of the Finnish wealth management company Taaleritehdas, is planning to construct its first new biogas plant in Kuopio, eastern Finland, after acquiring an existing biogas plant in Huittinen earlier this year. Taaleritehdas is planning to construct the first national network of biogas plants in Finland. During the next two years 5-7 new biogas plants will be built in an investment worth EUR 90 million.


The new biogas plant in Kuopio is expected to be operational at the beginning of 2014 and will cost about EUR 9 million. “Kuopio is a good investment location because the existing biogas plants in Finland are mainly located in the western part of the country. The Kuopio region clearly has demand for organic waste processing services and also good cooperation with local actors,” says Tero Luoma, who is in charge of Taalerintehdas’ Biotehdas.


Enough energy for 1500 homes


The biogas plant will be situated near Kuopio’s Jätekeskus waste processing centre, and will use waste materials as its raw material, including refinery slurry, separately collected biowaste and biodegradable side products from industry. The raw materials will be delivered from across the Kuopio region.


The plant’s annual processing capacity is 60,000 tons of waste from which it will produce 34,000 MWh of biogas energy annually. This will be turned into 13,000 MWh of electricity and 14,000 MWh of district heating. The energy produced by the biogas plant is the equivalent of the energy consumption of 1500 detached houses, and will be utilised in cooperation with the local energy company Kuopion Energia.


Source: Kauppalehti, Taaleritehdas