Suurpelto - the biggest construction project at in the metropolitan area

The construction of a new city area in the middle of Espoo has started. Building of Suurpelto is now the biggest construction project at in the metropolitan area.

The first two apartment buildings were started during the summer of 2009. By now there are about 600 apartments under construction and about 400 more ready to start,. This will mean creating new homes forto about 2000 residents in less than two years.

The biggest developers in Suurpelto are Asuntosäätiö and VVO-yhtymä Oyj. Living will be Different housing types will be available, diverse including owner occupied and housing, right-of-occupancy housing,living and alsoas well as rented accommodation for people who prefer not to invest in property.al living for those who are not willing to invest. The new cityscape is formedconsists of blocks of flats, detached houses and a unique city center.

In total, Oone million floor square meters of floor area will be built in Suurpelto within in an area of covering 325 hectares, of which 89 hectares will be dedicated to parks where the residents and the people who working in the area can go to relax and be refreshedenjoy leisure activities. Nearly Once construction is completed, Suurpelto will have 10,000 people residents will live there and several thousand will work thereprovide workplaces for a few thousand people.

What is remarkable inOne special feature of Suurpelto is that the first local Automated Waste Collection system, which will already be in useoperational at the end of October when the first residents move in. The This suction waste system is an investment in ecological site development, significantly reducing . Ddustcart traffic is significantly reduced, and improving the safety, image and attractiveness of the area. are improved. The system makes waste sorting easier and more hygienic. Occasional peaks, like thosefor example during holidays and days when people are moving house, do will not result in overfilled containers.

Another strong innovative element in Suurpelto is an advanced home delivery system. What this means is that aApartment buildings will have specially designed lobbies for services lobbies, which are provide a drop off / pick up drop-off and collection point for meals, medicines or groceries.

Suurpelto is located near the crossing junction of Ring Road 2II and the Turku road, which is close to the historical, cultural center of Tapiola, the business center of Keilaniemi and the science cluster of Otaniemi. As Suurpelto is completed, it will join forces with these areas to create a unique centre of top for quality services, premises and living.