Supercell grows at record speed and praises the Finnish business culture

The Finnish mobile gaming company Supercell is considered to be the fastest growing company of all time in its field. According to April 2013 estimates, Supercell makes €1.8 million profit per day and the value of the company is approximately €600 million.

Helsinki becomes a new mecca for mobile gaming

There are already people from 21 different countries working in Supercell’s Helsinki office. Ilkka Paananen, who previously also managed a game studio at Silicon Valley, considers that Helsinki is currently a highly attractive centre of excellence where many would like to work.

Helsinki has the most talented game developers and a lot of mobile games know-how, Paananen concluded. “The infrastructure is good and the Finnish basic education system and work culture function brilliantly.”

In Finland there are opportunities for game developer studies in nine vocational high schools and at Aalto University, but new skilled experts are ever more in demand. Supercell’s foreign employees value Finland’s safety and uncomplicated bureaucracy.

Supercell’s future vision includes Android games, growth in Asia and new global hit games. Taking into account Finland’s entire gaming industry, Ilkka Paananen dares to set an estimated goal of as much as one billion euro for the year 2013. It is likely that Supercell will also go public in the near future.

Sources: Yle, Nyt, Talouselämä and Forbes

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