Seaside Industry Park to be built in Rauma, western Finland

New industry park involving STX, Rolls-Royce and Steerprop would boost the competitiveness of the region’s maritime and heavy industry.

The City of Rauma on the western coast of Finland is planning to establish a Seaside Industry Park next to the city’s port area in cooperation with STX, Rolls-Royce and Steerprop. The idea behind the industry park is to boost the competitiveness of the maritime and heavy industries in the Rauma region.

The project is hoping to attract maritime industry related R&D activities, sub-contractors and logistics companies to the park. Tampere University of Technology has already established a unit in the area for the study of hydraulics.

Benefits for maritime industry

Major companies established in the port area would benefit from having their partners locate nearby, according to Kari Välimaa, Rolls Royce’s Operations Director, Finland. Bringing the industry’s R&D activities near the Rauma’s maritime companies would also make it easier for companies to recruit more expert staff.

Establishing Seaside Industry Park will require an investment in the tens of millions of euros. Rauma is known for its shipbuilding industry which has built many car ferries, ice breakers, navy vessels and other ships.

Source: Tekniikka&Talous, City of Rauma