Russian fertilizer company to open export terminal in Port of Kotka, Finland

Fertilog Oy will transport its fertilizer by train from Russia to the Port of Kotka, where it will be loaded on Panamax class ships for distribution worldwide.

he Russian fertilizer manufacturer Fertilog Oy is establishing an export terminal in the Mussalo Harbour of the Port of Kotka in south-east Finland. Up to one million tons of fertilizer per year will be transported by train to Finland from Russia and loaded to ships in Kotka for distribution worldwide.

The investment in the new one hectare terminal is estimated to be around EUR 10 million. According to Tapio Silvennoinen, consultant for CHS Solids & Bulk Oy, the decisive factor in locating the terminal in Mussalo was that the bulk terminal has a draughts of 15.3 metres, enabling the access of Panamax class ships to the quay.

The new terminal will significantly increase traffic in the Port of Kotka. One fertilizer shipment will require one thousand railway carriages, also bringing more business for VR, Finland’s state-owned railway company.

Sources: Kymen Sanomat, Port of Kotka