Pop-up shops a new trend in Finland?

Finnish electronics retailer Verkkokauppa.com will offer space for external pop-up shops inside its new megastore

The pop-up shop concept is set to become more familiar to consumers in Finland. The Finnish electronics retailer Verkkokauppa.com is offering retail space for temporary pop-up shops at its new mega-store located in the Jätkäsaari district of Helsinki, which will open in December 2011. The street-level space is available in two sizes for hire to external companies and individuals for a maximum of three months at a time.

The pop-up shop at Verkkokauppa.com can be a store, presentation area or advertising space, for example a restaurant selling a particular brand of beer, a public training space, clothes store or workshop. Verkkokauppa.com is also opening a kiosk that will sell home electronics around the clock at the megastore site.

The Swedish outdoor clothing brand Pelle Petterson has also been making use of the pop-up shop concept in Finland this year, with summer shops doing business in Hanko, Rauma and Oulu. The Laura R Loves Pelle P shop in Rauma was hosted for six weeks by Finnish television personality Laura Ruohola in the picturesque setting of Rauma’s old town on Finland’s west coast.

A retail collaboration by 40 Finnish designers and brands called Putiikki Pop Up Shop is currently touring European capital cities. The boutique is selling a diverse selection of products ranging from clothes and food to hand-made jewellery, design items, games and utensils. All the products are unique and reflect the distinctiveness of the Finnish designers.

Source: digitoday, Finnfacts