Case study

Peab Invest offers ecological solutions for the Finnish real estate business

The Swedish company Peab AB provides comprehensive building solutions by its newly established Finnish sister company Peab Invest. Peab Invest’s first big business premises project will be the head office of Outotec in 2014.

Peab Invest operates with the property development sector and its ready-made product range consists of the Business Garden concept and of the Shopping Garden concept.


“We work with a customer oriented approach and our concepts can be tailored according to our clients’ needs. Our mindset aims at comprehensive solutions, by which we combine services innovatively analysed by the purpose of the space and its use”, states Heikki Levo, CEO of Peab Invest.


Buildings respecting environment - with a personal touch


The first Business Garden project of Peab Invest in Finland was Moveres in the Helsinki suburb of Pitäjänmäki and the second will be the new head office of Outotec plc in Espoo, which will open in the spring of 2014. This building, called Eventes, is designed to offer a modern and synergistic working environment that has flexible office solutions.

“The idea behind our Business Garden concept is to provide space for people and companies to bloom and develop. The working environment should support employees’ personalities and that is why we also take cultural issues into account in our design”, Heikki Levo explains.
Peab Invest has realised that there is a market niche in real estate that values environmental issues as well as wellbeing. The company has chosen to use the world’s largest standard for environmental friendly construction, the American LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).


Changing of values in the Finnish construction

Peab Invest claims that there is a change in values going on in the Finland’s real estate business. Besides the influence of green thinking, it has also been realised that it is necessary to understand the factors that promote health and wellbeing. Peab Invest wants to answer this need and offer first-rate quality cost-effectively. “We are the company with the most new office buildings starts in Finland in 2012,” informs Heikki Levo happily.

The first Finnish mall built according to the Shopping Garden concept will be Avenas in Seinäjoki. Avenas is going to be a vast shopping centre of 60,000 square meters located by the Highway 18 near the western coast.

“There is a growing need to demolishing the old, rundown buildings in the country. Demand for modern buildings and high quality construction is very high, and Peab Invest is happy to work with the projects in this field,” Heikki Levo says.


Peab Invest Oy

  • a sister company of Peab AB, a Swedish construction company that arrived in Finland via acquisition in 1999
  • started in Finland in 2013, head offices in Helsinki
  • uses LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) certification with most of its buildings