Online sales of clothing products are growing in Finland

Mothers of young children are especially active in using the Internet for clothing purchases.

Online shops are becoming more and more important for clothes retail in Finland, especially for consumers under 50 years old, according to a new study commissioned by the Federation of Finnish Textiles and Clothing Industries (Finatex).

About 20% of the respondents to the study said they had purchased women’s clothes on the Internet during the past year, while 16% had made purchases by mail order. For children’s clothing the corresponding figures were 14% and 11%. About 10% of respondents had bought clothing, interior decoration materials and textiles on the Internet and 7% had purchased men’s clothes.

The study revealed that the mothers of small children use the web extensively. More than a quarter of consumers would like to use the web more for buying children’s clothes and as many as 40% use it as part of making their purchase decisions.

In 2010 the online sales of clothing items and interior decoration products were worth about EUR 584 milllion. Women’s clothing contributed about 50% of the total. The next most significant products were children’s clothing (EUR 94 milllion), men’s clothing (EUR 67 million), home decoration and textiles (EUR 67 million), and accessories (EUR 63 million). Finnish online stores made up 82% of the online sales for clothing and interior decoration products. It is estimated that by the year 2016, the value of the online sales for textile and clothing products will be more than EUR 1.4 billion.

The study was conducted for Finatex in February – March 2010 and in December 2010. Finatex is a lobby, training and service organisation for the Finnish Textiles and Clothing Industries. The Federation has about 150 members which together employ a labour force of nearly 8,000 or more than 90% of the total for the sector.

Source: Finatex