Newsweek ranks Finland as best country in the world

Consistently high scores across a wide range of categories and metrics gives Finland the top spot in Newsweek’s global comparison.

Newsweek has ranked Finland as the best country in the world in a wide-ranging analysis of education, health, quality of life, economic dynamism and political environment in 100 countries across the globe. Finland’s success was based on consistently high scores across all the categories.

The Finnish education system was judged the best in the world, based factors such as the international PISA studies, as well as measures of efficiency and the educational level of the population at large.

Finland also scored well in the quality of life category, which included gender equality, the percentage of people living in poverty, the equality of wealth distribution, the suicide rate, the state of the environment, and the proportion of employed people in the population.

Newsweek analysed economic dynamism on the basis of GDP growth, the proportion of services and industrial output in GDP, innovations, the ease with which new companies can reach the market, and the scope of the stock market. In this category Finland was ranked eighth in the world.

Finland was ranked fifth for the quality of the country’s political environment, a category which compared the levels of democratic freedom, the proportion of citizens involved in elections, and political stability. This category also measured the relative risks faced by governments, corporations and investors, confirming once again that Finland is among the most stable countries in the world.

Source: Newsweek