New regulations will increase demand for heat pumps in Finland

If new regulations come into force, all buildings is Finland need to get at least 25% of their energy from renewable sources.

New energy regulations in the construction sector will make heat pumps more attractive than before, according to Petri Koivula, executive director of Finland’s Heat Pump Association. With an air source heat pump it is possible to increase the share of renewable energy in a single building up to 40% of total energy use.


About 50,000 air source heat pumps are fitted in Finland annually. The one million mark may well be reached earlier than the predicted year 2020. About 7500 geothermal heat pumps are fitted in detached houses and industrial premises each year in Finland.


All buildings in Finland will have to get at least 25% of their total energy needs from renewable sources such as solar energy, wind power or energy produced by heat pumps, according to new proposals by Finland’s environmental administration that could become law in 2012. Finland’s national objective is to produce 6-7 TWh of energy from heat pumps annually and to produce 38% of final energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020.


Source: Kauppalehti