New Finnish tool shows effects of wind power construction on radars

Accurate estimation of wind turbine effects on radars helps wind power companies to comply with the requirements of the Finnish Defence Forces.

Finland's Defence Forces require that the effects of wind power construction are taken into account regarding the ability of the forces to fulfil their tasks. During the development phase of the new tool, the Defence Forces were already able to get enough data to evaluate 47 construction projects and to exempt them from more detailed studies.


A company planning a wind power construction project can contact the Defence Forces for a statement about the acceptability of the project from the national defence viewpoint. In some cases it may be required that the company commissions a study from VTT on the project's effects on radar systems. The results of this chargeable study are delivered to the Defence Forces.


The research for the new tool was funded by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Metsähallitus and wind power companies. Companies that were not involved in financing the development of the new tool can order a licence from Finnish Energy Industries to commission a study on their project. For more information about licences and the studies on radars, please contact Finnish Energy Industries by email at tutkat(at)energia.fi


Source: Ministry of Employment and the Economy