New energy agreements in Finland create business opportunities

Four new energy efficiency agreements will begin next year in Finland for the period 2017–2025.

The new energy agreements are set to improve the efficiency of energy use in industry, the energy and service sectors, the real estate sector, the municipal sector and in oil-heated properties. A large number of different sectors in Finland are committed to the 2017–2025 agreement period starting next year.

The aim of the agreements is to cover more than half of the binding energy-saving target set for Finland in the EU's Energy Efficiency Directive. The new energy efficiency agreement period is the third such period.

“For the next nine years, this will mean an increasing demand for solutions, systems and processes that reduce energy consumption. It is a market opportunity for international companies that can serve the growing needs of Finnish companies and municipalities”, says Niina Aagaard, Head of Investment Operations in the North Europe, Finpro - Invest in Finland.

The agreements are made on a voluntary basis and are a means jointly chosen by the Finnish government and the participating sectors. Finland is one of the few European countries where a voluntary agreement procedure works and produces good results.

The amount of energy saved on an annual basis at the start of 2015 was equivalent to the annual energy use of more than 600,000 single family houses, giving a corresponding reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of more than 3.5 million tonnes.

The parties responsible for implementation of the agreements are the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the Ministry of the Environment and the Energy Authority together with its partner Motiva.

Read the whole press release on the website of Finland’s Ministry of Employment and the Economy: http://www.tem.fi/?l=en&s=2471&89521_m=120444

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