New concentrations of logistics areas in Southern Finland

The opening of the Vuosaari Harbour has had a major impact on logistics development in Southern Finland.

The logistics areas of Southern Finland have become concentrated in a new way since the opening of the Vuosaari Port in 2008, according to a study commissioned by Technology Center TechVilla Ltd. The logistics areas are now more focused on the along the Ring Road III and Lahti highway from Helsinki to Lahti. In addition to the new port, other factors contributing to the change have been the congestion of the central Helsinki area, the increasing value of land and the lack of opportunities to expand current facilities in Helsinki.

An international standard logistics zone (L0) has developed in Vantaa. Other major logistics concentrations and areas (L1, L2) have been built or are currently under construction in the area between Vantaa, Kerava and Sipoo, the Hyvinkää-Riihimäki region, alongside Highway 3 and Highway 4, the Turku region, Lahti region, as well as Kymeenlaakso and South Karelia.

Companies interviewed in the study say that the most important reasons affecting location are the cost of deliveries and distribution, the availability of labour and labour costs, town planning and the technical readiness for construction, connections to the ports, and the cost of business premises.

Source: Limowa