More micro-diamonds discovered in Finland

Karelian Diamond Resources aims to discover and develop the first diamond mine in the European Union.

The Irish mining company Karelian Diamond Resources has discovered more micro-diamonds at its Seitaperä claim in Kuhmo, eastern Finland. According to the company’s annual report, two of the micro-diamonds, including the largest stone, are greater than 60 per cent broken, indicating the possibility of larger stone sizes.

Interviewed by the Irish Examiner newspaper, Professor Richard Conroy, chairman of the board at Karelian Diamond Resources, said that Finland has the potential for the discovery of a world class diamond deposit. The diamandiferous kimberlite pipe located in Seitanperä covers 6.9 hectares and is the largest known kimberlite pipe in Finland.

Three locations

In September Karelian Diamond Resources announced that a till sampling programme at its Riihivaara claim reservation, 10km south-east Seitanperä, resulted in the discovery of G9 and G10 diamondiferous indicator minerals which are formed within the ultramafic rocks underlying the earth’s crust at the same temperatures and pressures as diamonds. Karelian Diamond Resources has also applied for claim reservations over two areas in the Kuusamo region, north-eastern Finland.

“I am delighted at these further important steps in our diamond exploration programme in Finland which are designed to find diamond deposits similar to the world class diamond deposits found in similar geology across the border in Russia,” says Professor Conroy.

Sources: Karelian Diamond Resources, Kauppalehti