Minister Stubb: Invest in Finland!

Finland has one of the best country brands in the world, according to the Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade of Finland, Alexander Stubb. He asserts that stability, geographic location and highly qualified workforce are the impressive reasons to invest in Finland.

Minister Alexander Stubb travels about 120 days a year for his work, and he demonstrates that people around the world have very positive impression of Finland, the country that has transformed itself from a top 30 to a top three country during the last 30 years. Minister Stubb writes about Finland’s pull-factor in his monthly blog in Finnair’s Blue Wings magazine.

Undoubtedly, Finland gets praises for its beautiful nature and exceptional Northern gem, Lapland. People also find Finns pretty easygoing, honest and straightforward - someone you can trust on. The most usual things that are mentioned about Finland are also sources of nation’s pride: education system, Nokia and Angry Birds.

Finland’s stability and geografic location as the main pull-factors

Finland is a AAA rated country, defined as ”stable” by all key credit rating institutions. Finland is actually the only EU country that enjoys this double status. International studies often define Finland as the ”least corrupt” and ”least failed” state in the world.

Ministed Stubb observes that Finland has just reduced the corporate tax rate from 24.5 per cent to 20 per cent, which makes the country as very safe and dynamic bet. It is worth of noticing that Finland is the only Nordic country in the Eurozone, and Finnish politicians actually sit at tables where European decisions are made.

Thinking about the location, Finland is part of the biggest market in the world: the EU has a single market with 500 million consumers. In addition, excellent infrastructure, close links with Russia, and about 80 direct weekly Finnair flights to Asia, offer remarkable opportunities also for the foreign investors in Finland. Not to mention that the World Bank ranks Finnish logistics as number one in Europe.

Top class education system produces top class workforce

Being ranked in the OECD PISA studies as the best education system many years running shows that there is no lack of brainpower in Finland. There is higly qualified workforce available already in the country. Plus the number of foreigners in Finland is growing rapidly, which reforms Finnish population more international in the near future.

The dynamism of Finland’s economy is also proved by the fact that the country puts around four per cent of the GDP into research and development.

”Great schools, stable society and excellent geografic location are significant reasons why Finland is called a lifestyle superpower,” summarises Minister Stubb Finland’s beneficial factors for the investors.

Source: Blue Wings