Minister of Economic Affairs Olli Rehn: Government dismantles obstacles to wood construction

Even though due to Finland's economic situation the government has had to reduce public R&D funding in some areas, by focusing funding more clearly on bioeconomics we can diversify the use of wood through new investments, particularly in the R&D sector.

According to Minister of Economic Affairs Olli Rehn, the government is furthering use of wood products in construction as part of its strategic goal for bioeconomy and clean solutions.

Rehn feels that good results have been achieved in recent years in furthering wood construction. This is evident for example in the growth of wooden multi-storey residential buildings. "Interest in wood construction has increased particularly among municipal decision-makers and planners."

"The greatest potential for growth in wood use lies in construction of new apartment buildings, energy repairs to facades of suburban multi-storey buildings and construction of additional storeys, hall-like buildings, wooden bridges as well as yard buildings and landscaping," Rehn says.

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