Metal and engineering industry makes the most patent applications in Finland

The total number of patent applications in Finland in 2009 remained at a similar level to the previous year.

The number of patent applications made by Finnish enterprises and associations for domestic patents in 2009 remained at similar level to the previous year, according to Statistics Finland. The largest number of patent applications was made in the metal and engineering industry.

A total of 1,931 patent applications were filed in Finland in 2009. From these, Finnish enterprises and associations filed a total of 1,403 patent applications, compared to 1,397 in 2008. Patent applications were most numerous in the metal and engineering industry, with a total of 510 applications filed by 129 applicant enterprises. Compared to the previous year, the number of patent applications increased in the wholesale and retail trade, and in research and development activity.

A total of 1,055 patents were granted in Finland in 2009, nearly 60 patents more than in 2008. The highest number of patents was granted to the metal and engineering industry and the most common IPC sections in which domestic patents were granted to Finnish enterprises were performing operations and transporting.

European patents granted by the European Patents Office (EPO) to Finnish enterprises or associations totalled 642 in 2009. About half of the European patents granted to Finnish enterprises and associations were for the electronics industry and 20% were for the metal and engineering industry. The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted a total of 990 patents to Finnish enterprises and associations in 2009, with the vast majority (723) granted to the electronics industry. The metal and engineering industry was granted 125 patents.

A total of 4,497 European patents were validated in Finland in 2009, compared to 5210 in 2008. The main sections of the European patents were chemistry and metallurgy - 1,249 patents - and human necessities - 962 patents. Germany and the United States were the main assignee countries of the European patents validated in Finland. A total of 479 utility design applications were also made in Finland in 2009, with the number of applications growing by some 14% from the year before.