Major architectural competition opens in February for Helsinki

Senate Properties and the City of Helsinki are looking for a visionary developer to transform the former railyard area in Central Pasila.

An international plot assignment and architectural competition will be held for an urban centre in the vacated railyard area in Central Pasila, Helsinki. The competition area is significant in size, with some 100,000–140,000 floor square metres of permitted building volume. The project includes office and commercial space, housing, services and public transport facilities. The competition is open to consortiums of investors and designers who have the ability to implement a functional entity, innovative solutions, ease of mobility and stylish architecture.

The area landowners, state-owned Senate Properties and the City of Helsinki, will co-operate closely in the development of Central Pasila. They are looking for a visionary and a developer who can best create a cosmopolitan entity from the new and dynamic Central Pasila. The project is expected to be completed in 2023 at the earliest and is estimated to cost some EUR 500 million.

Sources: pasila1.fi, YLE.fi