Leading trendspotter says marketing is entering new era

Magnus Lindqvist calls for fresh ideas tailored for small companies and more specific marketing with surprises for consumers.

Awarded Sweden’s Speaker of the Year title in 2009, trendspotter Magnus Lindqvist calls on all advertising professionals to leave their jobs and start their own companies because the prospects in the sector are now better than ever. Lindqvist believes that marketing is entering a new era, where it is no longer at the end of the production chain but at the core of the whole business operation. Small companies are especially thirsty for new ideas, which do not require large advertising agencies to implement them, according to Lindqvist. He also notes that many people do better in achieving their goals when they are working for themselves.

Lindqvist works in the trendspotting sector, which means he is on the lookout for new viewpoints, ideas and insights. He says that consumption patterns are changing more and more towards specific searches for products on the Internet. Therefore it is important to offer exactly what the consumer wants, making the breadth of the product range a secondary consideration. Lindqvist also thinks that the consumer should also be surprised, which gives proactivity an important role in marketing.

Source: Kauppalehti