International investments in Finland are growing

213 new foreign-owned companies invested in Finland last year.

Foreign direct investments in Finland started to increase in 2013. There were 213 new investments made in Finland last year, compared to 153 during the previous year, according to statistics compiled by Invest in Finland.

The major source countries for investments in Finland were Sweden, Britain and the United States. The most investments were made in the consumer retail sector, business services, the health care and wellbeing sector, and the ICT sector.

According to preliminary data from UNCTAD, foreign direct investments reached a total of about USD 1460 billion globally, which was 11% more than the year before (2012: USD 1317 billion). Investments into developing countries continued to grow, contributing 52% of the total investment flows. However, investment flows into the developed countries remained at a historically low level for the second consecutive year, contributing 39% of the total. Nevertheless, foreign investments in the EU countries increased, while investment flows to the United States continued to decrease.

“Finland has gained its share of the growth in foreign direct investments. Despite the challenging global economic and competitive situation, there are always companies looking for new business opportunities. The task of Invest in Finland, and Team Finland as a whole, is to recognise these opportunities in Finland and to communicate about them to internationalizing companies around the world,” says Ville Aittomäki, Executive Vice President at Invest in Finland.

Read Invest in Finland's press release here.