International companies: Finland has an excellent business environment

The top managers of foreign-owned companies operating in Finland are satisfied with country’s business environment, according to a new survey.

The survey mapped out the views of decision-makers of foreign companies located in Finland about the country’s business environment, and about how the public sector could support the operations of foreign companies. The survey was conducted by Taloustutkimus Oy.

Three quarters of the respondents state that operating in the Finnish market is already a smooth process. More than half say that the company they are managing is making a good profit. The respondents are quite unanimous that the availability of energy, electricity, store and business premises is at a good level in Finland. The majority (69%) also state that the availability of private business services, highly educated labour (74%) and logistical connections (68%) are good.

About half of the respondents view the cost level of highly educated labour and of store and business premises as very or quite competitive. The price level of other factors is seen as competitive by about a third of the respondents.

The target group of the survey conducted by Taloustutkimus was the decision-makers of foreign companies located in Finland. In total, 221 people responded to the survey. The data was collected through telephone interviews and email questionnaires in February – March 2013.