Case study

Intel employs Finnish engineering talent for product development

American IT giant Intel made a multi-million euro investment in Finland by opening two new R&D sites in 2012. Intel hails the country’s engineering talent and holds up Finnish customers as trendsetters in their demands for new technology solutions.

Intel wants to provide more advanced platform solutions via its new research and development centres in Finland. The Tampere unit focuses on mobile hardware platforms and software solutions, accelerating the adoption of Intel mobile devices. In contrast, Intel’s second new R&D unit in Espoo develops technology based on open source code.


The company originally came to Finland as long ago as 1980 establishing a sales and support centre in Helsinki. Over the past two years, Intel has rapidly expanded its business in Finland by hiring more than 260 engineers altogether for Tampere and Espoo. From Intel’s point of view, Finland has built a global reputation as a hub for IT innovation.


“We selected Finland for recent R&D investment because of the good availability of talented software developers and hardware engineers as well as the high levels of safety, stability, education and research here,” explains Brian Quinn, Director Business Strategy, Intel Labs Europe.


Crucial expertise for the changing mobile business markets


The traditional mobile business structure is fluid nowadays as the computing and telecommunicating industries converge, according to Veli-Pekka Vatula, Site Manager, MCG Finland, Intel. In the beginning, mobile phone manufacturers produced all their own hardware, software and services content as required by each device. This is not the case anymore, since the industry has fragmented into various areas of specialisation and expertise.

“A high degree of integration is required in the end of the product level. The expertise that Finland has in the area of platform solution development is crucial for Intel’s success in the ICT industry,” states Vatula.


Finland: a forerunner in new technology solutions


The Finnish ICT industry has evolved from traditional data centre expertise to embrace virtualisation and cloud computing specialisation. The goal is to provide new methods for sustainability solutions for the market. An innovative example is how the considerable amounts of heat generated by data centres are now recycled for use by a local energy companies in Helsinki and Espoo - something that Intel is currently studying in Finland.

 “The Finnish ICT customers are true forerunners too and there is a genuine interest in how technology can support business by investigating and investing in new solutions,” explains Brian Quinn.


Intel’s Finnish R&D teams will support the strategy of Intel’s Open Source Technology Centre, which is a global team that focuses on Linux - the open source operating system with Finnish origins. In addition, Intel’s business in Finland is also expanding, and the company is looking for new opportunities by partnering with Finnish universities, for example.


“Intel’s investment into Finland has been a part of our strategy of creating unique value for our platforms and technologies through open source code. The ecosystem here is ready for research and innovation, sums up Quinn.