Hetzner lays foundation stone in Finland

Hetzner Finland is constructing its first data center in southern Tuusula, just 10 minutes from the Helsinki international airport. The foundation stone was laid on the 15th of December, and the actual data center operations are scheduled to start in the Autumn of 2017.

The foundation stone in Tuusula was laid by Member of the Parliament Antti Kaikkonen, Municipal Director Hannu Joensivu, German Embassador in Finland Dorothee Janetzke-Wenzel and Hetzner Online’s CEO Martin Hetzner.

The first data center will be constructed during the first half of 2017, and other units will follow in the coming years. The data center in Tuusula will be built using Hetzner Online’s own award winning concept, which the company has constantly improved during the twenty years of its existence. Hetzner Online has already built almost 20 data centers in Germany and has succeeded in creating extremely energy-efficient facilities.

The German web hosting provider and data center operator Hetzner Online GmbH announced a year ago that it was investing in a new data center park in Tuusula, Finland. The northern climate conditions, the geographically favourable location between Eastern and Western Europe, and the low electricity pricing were the most important factors in favour for Finland.

“In the end, though, it was the good cooperation we experienced with both the municipality of Tuusula and Finpro’s Invest in Finland that helped us to decide for this location. Today we are happy to see that the project is in good hands and that the first building will soon take shape”, said Martin Hetzner, the founder and CEO of Hetzner Online GmbH.

The earthworks at the Hetzner Finland site started in August. Presently, the foundation of the first unit is under construction, and in spring 2017, crews will begin work on the actual building. The project will hire local construction companies and contractors, and thus it will boost the building sector in the area.

The Tuusula data center complements Hetzner Online’s two German data center parks in Falkenstein and Nuremburg. In addition to the European sites, Hetzner Online operates a data center in Johannesburg, South Africa. The company has clients in over 120 countries, and the data solutions provided by the Tuusula data center will be available to clients worldwide.

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Finpro’s Invest in Finland seeks to build digital infrastructure and develop expertise to enable secure, relia-ble, cost-efficient, and environmentally conscious business operations in Finland. This investment promo-tion work has already resulted in several big investments.

“Hetzner Online’s business model fits very well with these objectives. We therefore warmly welcome Hetzner Online to Finland”, said Alpo Akujärvi, Head of Data Centers, a part of Finpro’s Invest in Finland division.

“Over the years that Invest in Finland has actively promoted data center investment in Finland, we have been able to generate all together about two billion euros worth of international data center investments. The newly established submarine cable between Finland and Germany opens new opportunities to signifi-cantly lower the cost of operations, particularly to companies in central Europe. Hetzner Online was quick to recognize this window of opportunity, but it is still open for others”, Akujärvi continued.


Photo by Kari Kohvakka
Photocaption: The foundation stone of the first Hetzner Finland data center was laid by Hetzner Online’s Development Manager Daniel Biller, German Embassador in Finland Dorothee Janetzke-Wenzel, Member of the Parliament Antti Kaikkonen and Municipal Director Hannu Joensivu.


Additional information and contacts for press
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tel. +358 20 787 0392, ilari.seitsonen(at)hetzner.fi

•    Ari Kokkonen, Hetzner Finland Oy, Mission-Critical Facilities Engineer (project manager/electrics)
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•    Christian Fitz, Hetzner Online GmbH, Head of Marketing
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•    Alpo Akujärvi, Head of Data Centers, Invest in Finland, Finpro
tel. +358 40 727 6131, alpo.akujarvi(at)investinfinland.fi

Hetzner Online GmbH is a German web hosting provider and data center operator. It has clients in over 120 countries and it employes c. 200 people. Since 1997 the company has provided private and business clients with high-performance host-ing products as well as the necessary infrastructure for the efficient operation of websites. A combination of stable tech-nology, attractive pricing and flexible support has enabled Hetzner Online to strengthen its market position worldwide. The company has been rewarded on several occasions for its innovative and energy-efficient concept. For more infor-mation please see www.hetzner.com.

Hetzner Finland Oy was established in Autumn 2015. The building of its first data center started in August 2016 and the data center operations are estimated to begin in the second half of 2017. In the coming years, the Hetzner Data Center Park in Tuusula will be complemented with further data center buildings, and the data solutions will serve Hetzner clients worldwide.


Finpro’s Invest in Finland assists international companies in finding business opportunities in Finland and produces information about Finland as an investment location. In addition, Invest in Finland develops and coordinates the national FDI promotion work networking actively with regional and international actors. Invest in Finland also compiles information about foreign-owned companies in Finland. For more information, please visit www.investinfinland.fi