Helsinki explores possible Guggenheim museum in Finland

A concept and development study on the possible museum is expected to be completed by the end of 2011.

The City of Helsinki is represented in the project by Janne Gallen-Kallela-Sirén, director of the Helsinki Art Museum, who thinks that in the best case scenario Helsinki’s Guggenheim museum could be completed in 2017-2018. The Helsinki metropolitan area has some seventy art galleries and a strong group of museums, which include the Helsinki Art Museum the institutions of the Finnish National Gallery (including the Ateneum Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, and the Sinebrychoff Art Museum) and the Espoo Museum of Modern Art.

Mayor Pajunen stated, “As the capital of our country and home to its greatest concentration of art museums, Helsinki has a special responsibility to keep improving Finland’s cultural infrastructure. It is widely recognized that cultural destinations can help drive economic growth for a country, provided they are created within an intelligent overall plan for development. We have such a plan—and the Guggenheim, as a truly global institution, is the ideal institution to collaborate with us in studying how to realize our goals. This is a collaboration that can help Helsinki and Finland prosper in an increasingly interconnected and competitive world.”

Source: Guggenheim Foundation, City of Helsinki