Growing demand for Finnish Sisu trucks

Sisu’s heavy-duty trucks are designed for the toughest conditions.

The Finnish heavy-duty trucks manufacturer Sisu Auto Oy has responded to increased demand by hiring more staff at its factory in Karjaa, southern Finland, which currently produces about 400 trucks annually. The company has already sold its whole production capacity for spring 2013.

Sisu’s managing director Timo Korhonen is expecting sales to increase significantly at the end of this year. He is also optimistic about the possibility of a major order from the Finnish Defence Forces.

Handcrafted trucks

Sisu specialises in the most demanding class of trucks. According to Korhonen, the factory is committed to the highest possible quality because the trucks are made for the toughest Nordic conditions. In terms of craftsmanship, a custom-built Sisu truck is comparable to a Rolls Royce.

The SISU Polar range of trucks includes the Rock gravel truck, the Timber truck for transporting logs, the Works multi-purpose road maintenance truck, the Crane truck, the Carrier equipment transport truck, and the Roll demountable body truck. SISU Defence manufactures armoured off-road vehicles for military purposes. Each truck, including its superstructure, trailer and additional equipment, is designed according to the customer’s requirements as a complete product.

Source: Demokraatti, Sisu Auto Oy