Green energy solutions for S-Group’s new logistics centre in Finland

Geothermal energy and wood pellets work out cheaper in the long run and produce less emissions.

The S-Groups new 80,000 square metre central warehouse in Bastukärr in southern Finland will utilise eco-friendly geothermal energy and wood pellets for its heating and cooling needs. As many as 165 boreholes will be sunk 300m deep into the bedrock underneath the warehouse for harvesting geothermal energy. The warehouse will get 40% of its heating needs from geothermal energy, 55% from pellets and 5% from oil. During the summer months the energy used for cooling the warehouse will be produced completely from its own geothermal source.

A hybrid power station will be constructed near the warehouse for processing the energy. S-Group has calculated that the plant will be EUR 2 million more expensive than a normal district heating plant and will take seven years longer to pay for itself, but after that the power will be very cheap. Relative to an ordinary detached house, the new logistics centre will use 50% less energy for heating and produce just one hundredth of the carbon dioxide emissions.

Source: Helsingin Sanomat