Google builds new data center machine hall in Finland

Google expands its data center project on the site of a converted paper mill in Hamina.

Google has started the construction of a new 2.5 hectare data center machine hall on the site of its existing data center located in a former paper mill in Hamina, southern Finland. Google purchased the mill from the Finnish paper company Stora Enso in 2009 and completed the first phase of the conversion of the 60-year-old paper mill into a data center in 2011.

Google’s initial investment in Hamina was about EUR 200 million. Last year Google announced that it is also investing EUR 150 million in the restoration and conversion of an Alvar Aalto-designed machine hall at the paper mill site in the second phase of its data center project.

Advanced facility

Work on the construction of the new machine hall building and the conversion of the old hall is proceeding simultaneously and is expected to take about one and a half years to complete. The data center in Hamina is serving Google users across Europe and around the world, and currently employs 90 people.

According to Google, the facility in Hamina is one of the most advanced and efficient data centers in the company’s fleet. The high-tech cooling system, which uses sea water from the Bay of Finland, reduces energy use and is the first of its kind in the world.

Sources: Kymen Sanomat, Google