Google acquires Finnish company drawElements

drawElements Quality Program is expected to help Google standardize 3D graphics for mobile devices.

Google has acquired the Finnish company drawElements, which specializes in analyzing and assessing mobile 3D graphics, for an undisclosed eight-figure sum, according to ArcticStartup. The Finnish company’s product called drawElements Quality Program (dEQP) is a powerful toolkit for benchmarking the accuracy, precision, feature conformance and stability of OpenGL ES and OpenCL GPUs.

According to Znet.com, Google will likely utilize drawElements for device standardization and to make sure manufacturer fragmentation is low across devices. dEQP enables detailed quality comparisons between different vendors and GPU architectures, as well as providing high-quality tools for analyzing and debugging any issues uncovered by the tests.

Finnish expertise

According to drawElements, dEQP can be utilized throughout the design, deployment and application development phases of a GPU platform for analysis during IP selection, as an independent benchmark for demonstrating product quality or to provide developer guidelines about the capabilities of different devices.

As a part of the transaction, the drawElements’ management will move to Google’s headquarters but the rest of the operations will be grown in Finland, according to ArcticStartup. Based in Helsinki, drawElements was founded in 2008.

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