Four Finnish finalists in the Nordic Cleantech Open

Finnish start-ups MetGen, Numcore, Pegasor and Ultranat have the potential to grow into major Cleantech companies.

MetGen is based in Turku and develops and produces laccases, enzymes belonging to the multicopper oxidases class, which are used in the pulp and paper industry, biofuel and biorefinery, and waste water treatment. According to MetGen, the advantages of using the laccase mediator system in biopulping are reduced energy use, increased throughput in mechanical pulping, enhanced paper strength properties, reduction of pitch problems, improved yield, and reduced environmental impact. Laccase is also an affordable way to remove lignin from waste water.


Located in Kuopio, Numcore develops and markets innovative high-tech process control instruments based on 3D-imaging. The systems are designed for food, mineral processing, chemical and pulp and paper industries. The company was recently acquired by Outotec. Numcore's 3D- imaging technology makes it possible to monitor the mass flow online and measure solids in liquids, enabling efficient and energy saving control of processes.


Pegasor from Tampere produces particle sensors and monitoring technologies that are useful in a wide range of industrial applications. The technology enables continuous, real time monitoring of fine and ultrafine particles including particle number and mass concentration. Pegasor’s PM sensor networks provide valuable air quality information for monitoring urban air quality, forest fire detection, indoor air quality, HVAC condition monitoring, and occupational hygiene monitoring.


Ultranat is based in Haapavesi and specialises in processing ash into valuable end products. Ultranat’s method to extract nutrients from biomass based ash enables a functional full circulation of nutrients from bioenergy production to agricultural applications and produces tailor-made raw materials for the construction sector.


Sources: Nordic Cleantech Open, Ultranat, Pegasor, Numcore, Metgen