Finns see sustainable tourism and eco-tourism as growing trends

Survey by the travel agency Apollomatkat Kuoni also reveals what Finnish women do before they travel and who are the biggest flirts in Europe.

The travel agency Apollomatkat Kuoni has conducted a survey about the hopes and habits of Finnish people relating to their foreign travel. More than a thousand people between the ages of 25-65 were interviewed for the survey, all of whom travel abroad every year.

According to the survey, sustainable tourism and eco-tourism will become more important to the Finns during the next decade. When asked about the travel trends of the future, 45% stated that experiencing new places is their most important criteria. A total of 37% emphasized sustainable tourism and 26% opted for social responsibility. About 20% of the respondents were looking for luxury experiences, while 19% said they would like to focus on eco-tourism in the future.

The survey also revealed some other interesting statistics. For example, 32% of Finnish women buy new clothes before their journey, 16% start exercising, 10% lose weight and 5% get a fake tan. The Finns view the Italians, Spaniards, Swedes, Brits and French as the biggest flirts.

Source: Savon Sanomat