Finnish ski resorts attract 40% more Russian tourists

Good location and availability of services in Russian make Finland a popular skiing holiday destination.

The number of Russian tourists visiting Finnish ski resorts has increased by 40% in two years, according to the Finnish Ski Area Association. Last season about 70,000 Russian tourists visited Finnish ski resorts compared to about 50,000 during the previous year.

Finnish ski resorts are attractive to Russian tourists because of their good location and the availability of services in Russian. Russian tourists also appreciate the additional activities offered by the resorts.

According to Anne Larilahti, director of the Finnish Ski Area Association, the Finnish ski resorts are ideal for families with children. “The parents can easily manage the whole package and the children cannot get lost. Russian tourists can also get services in their own language. The biggest resorts have up to 30 Russian-speaking ski instructors working during the Russian skiing holidays,” she says.

Source: Talouselämä