Finnish retail and wholesale trade grew by 4.9% in 2012

The total turnover from the retail and wholesale trade in Finland was EUR 131 billion in 2012.

The turnover of companies in the Finnish retail and wholesale trade in 2012 increased by EUR 6.2 billion or 4.9% to reach a total of EUR 131 billion, according to preliminary figures from Statistics Finland. The wholesale trade contributed 57% of the total turnover, the retail trade 29%, car retail 13%, and agency business 1%.

Turnover increased the fastest in the wholesale trade which enjoyed 8.2% growth. Retail trade turnover increased by 4% from the previous year. The turnover from car sales fell by 5.1%. The gross profit margin increased to EUR 27.6 billion and was 21% of the total turnover.

Retail trade growth

Turnover in the retail trade was EUR 38.4 billion, which was EUR 1.5 billion more than in the year before. The gross margin was EUR 11.5 billion or 29.8% of total sales. The net profit was EUR 0.8 billion or 2.1% of the sales.

The share of small and medium-sized companies from the total retail and wholesale trade turnover was about 35% or EUR 46.2 billion. Their net profit was about 3.1% of the sales.

Source: Statistics Finland