Finnish logistics company links Japanese manufacturer with Russian market

Thanks to CHS Logistics, millions of Yokohama car tyres reach the Russian market.

CHS Logistics has a 50,000 square metre warehouse in Lappeenranta, a Finnish town near the Russian border. The warehouse is full of Japanese Yokohama car tyres, destined for sale on the Russian market, where the sales forecast for 2011 is more than three million tyres. Most Yokohama tyres are bought as a so-called spare set and their market did not collapse despite the recession last year, according to Heikki Halmetoja, CEO of the CHS Group. In 2009, CHS Logistics enjoyed 46% growth in business.

The communication regarding the administration of the supply chain between the Japanese tyre manufacturers and the Russian clients is entirely conducted through the IT systems of CHS Logistics. Halmetoja says he enjoys working with both parties. “With the Russians there needs to be movement and something happening all the time. For the Japanese it is important that every detail is carried out to the letter,” says Halmetoja.

CHS offers international logistics services from all over the world to Finland, Russia and Russian speaking countries. CHS also provides extensive supply chain management solutions including warehousing services.

Source: Kauppalehti, CHS