Finnish ice hockey legend invests in new luxury hotel

NHL star Teemu Selänne is planning a career in the property business career following his retirement next year.

Finnish ice hockey star Teemu Selänne has enjoyed an illustrious career in the NHL, where he is now in his last season with the Anaheim Ducks. With retirement in sight, Selänne says he is interested in pursuing a career in the property business to keep him meaningfully occupied. He wants to avoid the problems some former ice hockey players have faced after retiring from the game.

To prove his point, Selänne was recently revealed as one of the owners of Ultivista Oy, which is planning to construct a 272 room luxury hotel with international conference and spa facilities for the Marriott chain in Espoo, Finland, by the end of 2012. He is also part owner of TS Holding Oy, which is involved in the Levi Spirit project that aims to establish the first five star holiday destination in Finnish Lapland. Once completed, Levi Spirit will include 25-40 luxury villas or apartments, an 80-100 room hotel and a Service Center building.

Multi-millionaire Selänne also owns properties in Espoo and has new investment plans in the Kirkkonummi area. It all suggests that he is very serious about his future in the property business, which he says has already fascinated him for a long time.

Source: Iltalehti